Sunday, 24 June 2018

Going after Humbug

This week in reading we made new book covers and included pictures and a blurb from the story. Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Matariki should be a public holiday

This week was the start of Matariki. we have been learning about the importance of Matariki and how the Maori saw the start of the new year. We have written a letter to the parliament or Phil Goff of why Matariki should be a public holiday. Here is the letter we wrote to the parliament about why Matariki should be a public holiday.

106 Halsey Drive
Lynfield 1042
Tamaki Makaurau
Raapa Tekau Ma Toru Pipiri

Dear Mrs Ardern

My name is Prianka Smith , I am a Year 6 student  at Halsey drive school. This week we have been learning about the importance and significance of Matariki , the myths and stories of the constellation and the seven sisters. In New Zealand we only have 3 days related to us and only on of them is important to Maori , and that one holiday is Waitangi day.  After some researching in class I think that Matariki should get it’s own public holiday.

Matariki should not only be a public holiday , it should be a day that people spend time with their families. People who do work on public holidays are normally in hospitals , police and other emergency things. I’m sure  we don’t want people to work if they don't need to. We should acknowledge our history and share it. The myths and legends are very important for our country and we can’t let it finish. If we know our history than we can pass in on to the future generations.  There is only 9 public holidays and that is out of 365 days. It is also significant to realize how the Maori saw the seasons and the start of a new year.

I believe that  it is important to acknowledge our bi cultural history. We should keep all of our te reo myths and legends alive. We should learn about our cultural traditions and have a look at the stars. We actually only have 1 te reo public holiday and that is Waitangi. For instance on the queens birthday the mall and other stores are still open but we don’t want that. We want all the families should spend time together and don’t have to work. Some of the company bosses might not agree to this , and say that they are paying their employees when they are not working. But it’s clear that people should  get to spend time with their families.

I have to say that Matariki should be a national public holiday. One of the reasons is that people who work at supermarkets and shops should get a day of to spend time with their family. My second reason is that we should remember and learn about our bi cultural history. Thank you for your time to read this letter , I know that you are very busy fixing other problems. Surely others must agree but to be sure can you please share this with the parliament. Could you please reply to me as soon as possible.

Naku Noa ,
Prianka Smith   

What did I do/Learn?
WALT- use persuasive language
For example emotive language, facts, opinions and quotes, counter arguments, call to action, flattery

WALT- use the correct structure for a letter
What did I like?

Being given editing time

What would I do differently next time?

Next time I would use more emotive language

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The Queens invitation - WALT- use appropriate visual language features

This week in writing we have been making invitations to the Queens birthday. We used picollage and put what all invitations need. Hope you enjoy it!                          Reflection - Next I will try to use more formal text

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The link to the song

Look at this song showing all of maui’s myths

Maui the demigod

This week in inquiry we defined different Maori things. This is a google drawing we made in groups about Maui. Hope you learn something. 

Agent shadow

Agent shadow

Once upon a time a family of shadows lived in the most boring place in the world , a house. Ever wondered what your shadow gets up to when you are a sleep? Well your about to find out.
“ Make the music LOUDER!” screamed Billy.
“Yeah that’s what I’m talking about.”
They have everything that a party needs like popcorn, lollies, chips , cake , even a disco ball that they bought from Kmart at midnight. They partied for hours and hours until a mysterious black clothed person showed up. Swish the shadow spy took out his sack out and started takeing the of the peoples shadows he went to every single house in the street even maybe the whole suburb.

“Cokadoodledoooooooo!” screamed the rooster trying to wake me up again. Most importantly on a Saturday “It’s 10 o’clock in the morning what do you expect to sleep until the night.” exclaimed my brother. I went to brush my teeth and then I had breakfast. I decided to go outside today in this sunny weather. Suddenly I realised my shadow was gone, I moved around every single direction but I still could not see my shadow. I was determined to find out what is going on about this shadow.

Meanwhile I checked if I was a ghost to do that I banged into things and as i expected I didn’t go through. I suspected why there was chips all over the floor. There was even a disco ball  hanging from the ceiling I thought that was very suspicious. There was even a trail of bluebird chips lying around. Sometimes I feel like my family is having a party without me. But that's not the case I want to solve! I tiptoed my way where the track of chips ended , and the chip bluebird packet was on the floor. It lead to a very strange looking house it was black with a wooden door stuck to it.

Next I realised that the door was slightly open while the door was open I thought it would be a good time to sneak in. But… as soon as I pushed the door open I just fell right through , it was a shadow house. I saw a sack and suspected that those were the stolen shadows I quickly grabbed them and shot off like a bullet to save my shadow friend. At night I was too busy thinking about the secret shadow layer that I couldn't sleep but unfortunately I didn't. For the whole night I was thinking about some cages I saw from the corner of my eye. Poor peoples shadows stuck in a dark place and a cranky shadow king. I decided to just cut the ropes of the cages and go back home before the shadow king finds me so off I went.

Eventually when  I got home I realised that my shadow was back so I did save it after all. At night my shadow woke me up and asked me If I want to have a disco  party with me I and of course I said “YES!” so I joined the party with all of the other shadow friends. And before you know it's already morning so I said goodbye to my fellow friends and “Bye” they all screamed and faded away until the sun comes out again.
The End.
WALT: Write a narrative

I will need to include...
  • An interesting title
  • A hook sentence which captures the audience
  • An opening paragraph to introduce characters and story setting
  • Organise the story into paragraphs - Build up, problem, solution, ending
  • Language features
   * Verbs and adverbs
   * Descriptive language - Adjectives, similes, metaphors, personification

Comment - This piece of text is so entertaining.