Monday, 16 May 2016

First Semester Goals 2016

First Semester Goals 2016

Name:Prianka Patel                                                                       Year: 4

Curriculum Goals

  1. My goal is to learn all my 9,8,7,6, times tables. I will achieve this by writing it on a piece of paper, saying it out and going on studyladder.

  1. My goal is to get my pen license I will achieve this by improving my handwriting I will learn this by sloping, practicing at home like writing on a piece of paper.  

Key Competency Goal

  1. My goal is to share more ideas in class   I will achieve this by speaking up and putting my hand up more often.

Personal Goal

  1. My goal is to be better at soccer   I will achieve this by practising and going to the park.  
Teacher comment

"Fantasitic goals, you have explained them all really well. Pen license might take longer then a semester, lets see how you get on :) I look forward to seeing how you go in achieving them. Tino pia!"

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  1. Goal evaluation:

    My first Goal was to learn my 6,7,8 and 9 times tables I didn't learn all of them but I have learnt some of them. I have only have learnt the 6 and 7 times tables.

    My next goal was to get my pen license. I didn't achieve it because I didn't practise enough on paper.

    My next goal was to put my hand up more in class I did achieve it because I shared my ideas and I didn't really speak clearly but I did a little bit.

    My personal goal was to get better at soccer. I went to the park and practised every Sunday and I learnt new tricks and I got a lot better. I think I achieved this goal.