Wednesday, 11 May 2016

How does a carnivorous plant eat

How does a carnivorous plant eat

The Venus fly trap is a carnivorous plant that has a special way of eating their prey.Carnivorous means
It only eats meat to survive.

First the Venus fly trap opens it’s oval shaped arms.
Next it waits for it’s prey.the trap has the colour red to welcome bugs in the red is on the side of the trap.
Bugs and insects are attracted to red because
Flowers have bright colours and red is one of the colours.

The Venus fly trap,traps its prey by opening it’s oval shaped arms, it waits for its prey.Inside the mouth
Is nectar and hair.It uses the hair for sensing the bug that comes in.The bug that comes in has to step on the
Hair two or three times then it closes it’s cage.

The trap now starts making its chemicals and acids.
The chemicals and acids helps the trap to dissolve
the bug.Dissolve means break down the bug.
The plant takes ten or eleven days to open up again.

The Venus fly trap captures its prey by having fake
nectar inside and hair to.If the bug steps on the hair
two times shut It closes and that's how a carnivorous

I like how I described the colour        

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