Monday, 23 May 2016

writing a argument

The driving age should be lowered from 16 to 13

In New Zealand the age that you can start to drive is 16. Imagine if all high school students could drive themselves to school. If the driving age was lowered to 13, it could have some positive and negative effects on our New Zealand roads.

The roads are always packed with cars and buses in the morning because of school. There could be less traffic if all high school students could drive themselves to school. Students would pick up their friends closest to them and go to school together. This would mean less parents on the road. This might also reduce the amount of pollution.

Another positive reason for 13 year old's driving could be children getting to all their activities independently and quickly. Ever had to wait for your Mum or Dad to pick you up from soccer or Kumon? Kids live very busy lives with hobbies and interests. Parents would no longer have to cart their kids around.

However, one negative reason could be you might not know where the place is and go to the wrong place and you may be too small to reach the breaks or the steering wheel.You might go to fast and get stopped by the police,if you can’t see in the view mirror then you can’t see behind you.

Another negative reason could be the police have been cashing you and you may be going too fast and crash.Sometimes 13 year old's are forgetful,13 year old's have to drive with someone because they still learning.when someone is beside them they will get distracted and lose concentration.13 year old's haven’t got lots of money so can’t pay for the petrol and they might put the wrong petrol in the wrong car.

Overall I think, Well now I know all the reasons I am on the negative side because there are more better negative reasons than positive reasons

My reflection

I liked the way I had lots of ideas for disagreeing

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  1. I don't think driving age should be lowered, car manufacturers would have to design new cars. Good choice of topic.