Thursday, 4 August 2016

Sea turtles life cycle 2016

Sea turtles life cycle

Do you know what a sea turtle is? Well if you don’t i’m going to tell you how a sea turtle's life cycle go’s. First let me tell you what kind of turtles  there is the leather-back sea turtle the, hawks-bill, loggerhead, green, the leopard turtle. Now you know which kind of sea turtles  there are.But for now i’m going to talk about all of the sea turtles life cycle. Do you know sea turtles have lived for approximately 150 million years.

First the female turtle digs a hole in the sand and buries the eggs and then go's back to the sea the eggs look like white leathery ping pong balls. The female turtle lays about 50-200 eggs and 20% of them don’t survive. The eggs take about 6 weeks to hatch. 

 Next the baby sea turtle waits till night comes so the turtles predators don’t come and eat the sea turtles. They wait till night comes so the moon can guide the baby sea turtles to the ocean. The sea turtles go to the moon with each other that's called a clutch. Sometime’s the sea turtle's get fooled by the beach lights. The sea turtle's have to race to the sea so the predators don’t catch them.the sea turtles are hunted by many animals like fish, seagulls and other many animals.

After that the sea turtle becomes  a juvenile/ kid so it has to swim around the whole day not to get eaten.Next  sea turtle squirm to the surface to breath and they also have to watch out for seagulls and birds.Do you know in 10 years sea turtles are the size of a dinner plate. 50% of them don’t survive because they stop in oil spills or eaten by another sea creature, so they have to be careful.

Finally the sea turtles become an adult they go to the mating grounds to get a mate.The female turtle tries to find as many mates as possible so she can lay more eggs.Then she goes to the same beach as she was born because she knows she survived there.

 Now you know that sea turtles have very hard lives and you also know a sea turtle's life cycle and there are different types of sea turtles. Even some other animals have very hard life’s.    

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