Wednesday, 30 November 2016

hot desert description

  • Sunny
  • Dry
  • Rocky
  • Sandy
  • Hot
  • Mountains
  • Dry bushes
  • Cactus
  • Sticks
  • Camels
  • Birds
  • Lions sleeps in a cave
  • Bright sky
  • Sun
  • Snakes slithering
  • Lizards
  • Sand mountains
  • Dry & spiky grass
  • Hard surface
  • Tortoises
  • Scorpions
  • Vultures
I got hot as I stumbled through the sandy desert air.I stood up and started walking as I heard asps slithering among the hard surface.
I started running up the tall dried hill and puffed. The sun was burning  hot and I needed to rest. I heard  vultures squawking and lions roaring. The hot, dried desert was making me Thirsty . The rocks around me were so hot, that one of them had a bearded dragon on it.I took of my shoes for a rest I stepped on the sand the sand was so hot my feet were red and BURNING so much! I was running around with my feet on fire I found a waterhole and jumped in it. “Ah!” Much better. After a long walk I saw a Pyramid. A village is close! I hope they have some food that I can eat. I went in the village. Yes! Some refreshments! I was looking at the food to survive. I stopped by a tree and then started drinking my cup of water and… “it was all finished!” “Oh wait…”  I saw a mango tree. YUM! I rushed up to  the mango tree and picked one up. Ahh… it was much better eating mangoes under a shade of a mango tree. After I finished ALL of the mangoes an old man whacked me on the head shouting “HEY! WHO TOLD YOU TO EAT ALL MY MANGOES HUH!?!?” After the speech the old man said. I ran away as fast as I could behind an old oak tree around the oak there was very dry grass. It was almost night and I was sitting behind the oak tree.  

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