Thursday, 10 November 2016

The cross-country challenge

The cross-country challenge 

It was a very sunny tuesday and I was drinking water as fast as I could.I was very nervous when it will be the fours turn.Miss Ritchie called out the year girls and then the boys .Mis Richardson tall and loud blew the horn.I jogged my way through the goal post and around it.I was already tired.

When I was going around the tigerturf I ran a little faster than normal since the other girls were catching up to me.I sprinted as soon as I was between room 6 and 7.All the girls ran on the dry , green field.All the mud was on our shoes but I still sprinted at the end.

I walked to my house Pokeko.My drink bottle was were I was sitting.My water was almost finish.When the year 6’s were finish we went back to class.Miss patel send a runner to get the ice - blocks.We never ually get ice - bloks on a sunny day.

Reflection I liked the way I described 

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