Sunday, 27 November 2016

The sudden earthqauke

The sudden earthquake

It was 12: 02 am in the night I was still warm and silent in my bedroom and I was fast asleep.All of a sudden there was a huge shake in the room, I woke up with a jump right out of my bed I took one tiny step to the cracked g window glass window and took a peep.
I saw all the trees were swaying side to side it was. . . A EARTHQUAKE !!! “AHH” I went to the back of my bed but then i just remembered the in an earthquake you Drop, Cover and Hold so I went to the nearest table and dropped ,cover and held i was so frightened my heart was beating very fast. All the bed were shaking even I was. Every body woke up it was a mad house !!!
It was morning and all the windows were cracked , but I was still sleepy  I went upstairs and I was SHOCKED!!!
My whole room was messed up.

I didn’t go to school that morning because all the schools are closed for a few days.I went to my again I went very slow as slow as a slug because if there were any aftershocks I didn’t feel any that time.I went back to bed I slept straight away.I didn’t know that I was that tired , but I didn’t feel that tired but then I slept.But then I felt an shake it was a n aftershock and I decided that i’m not going to sleep again.  

My reflection:I liked how I described the earthquake


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