Monday, 8 May 2017

WALT- persuade and structure an argument

Argument to persuade Miss Montgomery to let us sit where ever we want
I believe Miss Montgomery should let us sit wherever we want because we will be able to sit with our friends and concentrate more. We would also sit boy girl boy. It would be better because we can communicate and make more friends with other people.
We always have the same partner and one person does not have a partner because there are 3 people on our table. Our table is too small to put our stationary on and then it falls down the dictionary shelf.We can make friends with other people because we sit beside them and can get different  opinions from them.
Miss Montgomery-“you can't sit where ever you want because you will talk too much”Kids- “but we will sit boy girl boy… but still with our friends”
Miss Montgomery- “ I am the teacher I can choose”Kids- “ we can show you that we are responsible enough to sit beside our friends
Sitting at the back makes us not concentrate because barely anyone looks at us and the teacher does not see us when we put our hands up. We also can't see the board because of everyone's heads. People also make us not concentrate  because we have to give them dictionaries and we have to clean up the pillows and they leave the mess there.
By Prianka , Haley and Fredrick

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