Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Prianka's Speech

Food to make you fit not fat Do you like chocolate? Well I don’t think that’s the best thing you can eat. You should try eating at least one piece of fruit a day. Other wise you will get fat and won’t be able to fit through the door. If you eat healthy then you will be able to do anything that includes running ,jumping ,biking or swimming.Have you ever wanted to beat someone in a running race? Then you need to put that piece of chocolate down right now! Do you think all “healthy” food is actually healthy? Some foods may look and taste healthy, but are they actually good for you? Some foods aren’t healthy like granola , flavoured yogurt, dried fruits and gluten free products. Granola has lots of butter and added sugar which makes it extremely unhealthy. Also, flavoured yogurt has artificial ingredients and many times sugar is added to dried fruit to make it sweeter. Did you know that hamburgers or any kind of burger is not good for you. Chocolate or candy isn't good for you either, obviously everyone know that. But then why do we eat it? It tastes marvelous but has lots of ingredients you cannot pronounce and tons of sugar which leads to weight gain. Some chocolate like dark chocolate is okay to eat but not all of the time. You can still have it as a treat but remember not to eat junk food all of the time as it will make you fat. Mmm… unhealthy food is the best. Instead of me saying we shouldn't eat it, perhaps we can make it healthy by adding good foods into it. For example if you make a cheesecake then add a sprinkle of nuts. If your mum makes cookies instead of putting regular white sugar you can put natural sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup into them. You can also experiment and try adding healthy ingredients into your treats. Overall I think we should eat healthy as much as possible. If you want to eat unhealthy food once in awhile you can at least make it a bit healthier by adding healthy foods.Now grab a banana and let’s begin your journey onto a new and healthier life.

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