Thursday, 16 November 2017

Penguins adaptation report

Penguins adaptation report

When an animal adapts to a new home it’s really really hard because if you're moving from a hot to cold desert you have to learn how to survive. 

 There are different kinds of deserts there is the hot desert and the cold desert that hot desert doesn't have much water the cold desert has lots of water.In the cold desert there is lots of water and it’s really cold at night.The animals that live there are Polar bears , Penguins and the artic fox.

The penguin is a animal that lives in only cold places if they live in hot places they will most probably die .Penguins live on places of ice and give birth on land.When it is very cold in the day or night they huddle with several thousand penguins including friends and family to keep warm.also they have wings like flippers to swim 50miles per hour.

There are 17 different kind of penguins for example the little penguin and the blue  penguin.Many penguin slive at the South Pole on Antarctica but they also live in other places like the cold desert they also have bones like a scoper diver belt to stay underwater for long otherwise the will float up.

In conclusion penguins are flightless birds that live in the cold desert.Penguins have lots of blubber to keep them warm.when they look for food they push a penguin into the water to see if it comes out again. 

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