Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Awesome Blossom Possum Trap

The materials we used were three yogurt containers, some string duct tape, a toilet paper roll, hot glue and magnets and a circle of cardboard.

We made the trap by hot gluing and cutting two containers then sticking them together with the third container  We added the toilet paper roll at the bottom so it will be able to rock up and down.We taped the door on and stuck magnets on the container and the door so it will close properly and the possum won't be able to come out.

We had three problems when we made the possum trap , the first problem was that we could't cut the containers so then we just poked a hole and started cutting it. The second problem was that the toilet paper roll wasn't moving so we had to keep on trying, until finally we fixed it. Finally, the third problem was that we didn't have a door to put on so the possum would just get out.

Next time we should use a hinge to make the door more steady and easier to close.

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