Thursday, 8 March 2018

the mouse reflection

this week room 4 have been working on character description decided to write a description about the mouse from the story The Gruffalo. In the story the mouse out smarts the animals and when he meets the gruffalo he does the same. Hope you enjoy it.
The Expert MasterMind

Living in the deep , dark woods there lived a  tiny , cheeky, sneaky , little mouse. All animals have said that he is small and puny but even the gruffalo is afraid of his clever schemes. Unlike his minuscule , mini feet he has ears as big as satellites. Even though his body is microscopic he has a brain like no other. While some animals think that he is fast food he is actually a quick thinking genius. While he strolls through the woods his tail is like a snake sweeping the floor. It was his duty to avoid his doom. After scaring of all the predators now he is the scariest of them all. Now the pocket sized mouse rules the whole forest!
                      By Tareeq & Prianka

#1.W.A.L.T: use a range of interesting sentence starters.

#2. W.A.L.T: use language appropriate to the purpose.

Reflection- Next time i will try to use more metaphors



  1. great job. next time use more adjectives.

  2. Great Work! I really like how you used a range of interesting vocabulary. next time make sure to have lighter highlighter colours because the colours are very bright and draws the attention to colours instead of the words.

  3. Great vocabulary! Next time when you publish capital letters for your title, and less bright highlight colours.

  4. Good job. I like how you used great vocabulary like using long words.

  5. I like how you used alot of interesting volcabulary but you need to add different punctuation not just full stops.